Most people, even though they don’t know it, are asleep. They’re born asleep, they live asleep, they marry in their sleep, they breed children in their sleep, they die in their sleep without ever waking up.

They never understand the loveliness and the beauty of this thing that we call human existence.

Anthony de Mello in “Awareness”

Wake up YOU!


We all want to be happy, don’t we? We all want a meaningful existence. We all want to feel connected to someone, to something. We all want to share our lives with loved ones. We want to live our lives with freedom to do what we want.

At some point in the past, you were put on this earth. You were born. At some point in the future, you will be taken from this earth. You will die.

The clock is ticking. Every moment that passes you cannot have back. You have a certain amount of time in the life you are living now. This life will involve many moments of triumph and delight, sadness and despair. It will lead you into dark times and out to brighter days. You will encounter opportunities and problems. This is your life.

You will meet certain characters along the way. These characters will be around you at different times. There will be those who love you, those who like you, those who dislike you, and those who are indifferent to you. Sometimes they will treat you well, and sometimes they will treat you badly. Sometimes they will enter your life and sometimes leave. Sometimes they will the object of uncontrollable, undying love and sometimes the source of devastatingly cruel heartbreak. This is your life.

You will experience many events during your time here. Some will be good and some will be bad. All will teach you. You will learn many things. Some will be useful to you and some will not. You will forget many things. Some will be important, some will not. Sometimes you will fail. Sometimes you will succeed. Some people will be born with fortune, some without. You will have moments of hope and bliss and moments of disappointment and devastation. This is your life.

These stand as the inevitable truths of life. While you live on this planet, you have one major choice. This choice comes down simply to this: how do you want to live?

Some people live free; some don’t.

To me, living free means living happily, being successful, connecting wonderfully with others and making a real difference in the world.

To me, being happy is about regularly creating, in ourselves, good feelings so that we can enjoy what we do more and think in more positive and useful ways.

To me, being successful is about achieving whatever the goals are that we set for ourselves, wether they are material, spiritual or simply living a better life.

To me, connecting wonderfully with others is about manifesting relationships and friendships with those around us and helping them to feel happy and to be successful too.

To me, making a real difference in the world is about creating, developing, improving or refining something that will affect the world in a positive way.


How do you want to live?

Do you want to change the world? How about beginning with yourself? How about being transformed yourself first? But how do you achieve that? Through observation. Through understanding. With no interference or judgement on your part. Because what you judge you cannot understand.

There has to be an attitude of openness, of willingness to discover something new.

Cut out all the judgements and simply observe, watch. You’ll make great discoveries. These discoveries will change you. You won’t have to make the slightest effort, believe me.

Be aware of what you are saying, be aware of what you are doing, be aware of what you are thinking, be aware of how you are acting. Be aware of where you’re coming from, what your motives are. The unaware life is not worth living.

Remember: what you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you. You are always a slave to what you’re not aware of. When you’re aware of it, you’re free from it. It’s there, but you’re not affected by it. You’re not controlled by it; you’re not enslaved by it. That’s the difference.


Don’t be scared. Soon you will notice that as you consciously strive to become the person you were meant to be, life becomes much easier. Actually it would be more accurate to say that life is just as hard, but your capacity for handling it grows to the point where life seems to get easier. You’re stronger, so the weight feels lighter.


To help you get started, one of the first things we will do is take a look at your present Life Map (included in your welcome pack). And we will follow it’s evolution along the way.