what you can expect from me

my personal commitment to you:

*I will offer you my full attention during our sessions together and I will honor and respect you at all times. My whole-hearted intention is to hold a safe, open space for you to discover your greatness.

*I will leave all baggage behind – I will not judge you or evaluate your thoughts and actions whether or not we have met before. I do not make judgments on personal history, past abuse, addictions, sexual orientation, belief systems, etc.

*Your life is yours to live and I will not try to solve your problems or replace your experiences. It’s my goal to help you live a life where your dreams become reality. If you ever feel uncomfortable during a session, tell me and we’ll make adjustments in order to make it work for you.

*I will cherish your own truth and always speak in total honesty because I value mutual trust. In deep transformational work, strong emotions can arise, which can be very healing, and you have the choice to express them or not.

*I will keep your personal information in the strictest confidence and will never disclose who my clients are. You are free to speak to anyone you want about our work together, but I will not do so without your permission.

In loving kindness.


what I will expect from you

your commitment to me and to yourself:

*Give yourself a chance and believe that anything is possible.

*You agree to take an active role in the transformational process by being honest and forthcoming with me and yourself about any feelings or issues you may have around the process, services, or myself.

*You understand that you are completely responsible for your own business, emotional reactions, actions, and the results you are experiencing in your life, and you initiate the process with this mindset.

*You agree to be on time for each appointment, whether conducted on the phone, or in person. If a scheduled appointment begins late due to your failure to be available at the agreed upon start time, the appointment will still terminate at the appointed end time.

*You agree that payment is due before or at the time of your session unless a prior arrangement has been made.

*You agree to give me a 24 hour notice if you want to change or cancel an appointment. Otherwise, full payment will be expected. Serious emergencies or illness will be accommodated.

*If you are satisfied with the work I’m providing, and you want to refer people for an exploratory session, I will offer you a free session for yourself for every referral who chooses to become a client.

I am delighted and honored that you chose me to be your partner on this amazing transformation journey.

I too will be a better ME because of YOU.