who could you be without your story?


We were all born pure, simple, worry free, just plain happy!

Around us, well-meaning adults, did the best they could to help us grow up and fit in, to protect us from some evil we had no idea existed, to create the life they thought would be the best for us.

Doing this they started making up the story of who you were or who you were meant to be. With the best of intentions, no doubt!

Little did they know how this story – your own story – could limit you and get in the way of everything you could ever become.

Is your story really true? I could bet it isn’t.

Notice how often you don’t do something because you think you don’t know enough, or you aren’t good enough or even because you’ve simply never tried it before. How paralyzing can these thoughts be?

Imagine, just imagine, you actually had done it a thousand times before and you were pretty good at it. Would you be worried about doing it again? No! You wouldn’t spend a second thinking about how to do it, or what would be people’s reactions if you did it. You would just get on and do it as the most natural thing in the world, right?

So, whenever an opportunity occurs, why not choose a different story, a story that helps you move forward instead of tying you back?

You can always create your new story and make it true the moment you decide to take fearless action against all odds.

Want to try it?

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