choose the one thing


Very often I see people almost drowning in so many tasks they say they need to finish, actions they believe they need to accomplish, not able to stretch time, split between priorities, trying to figure out what’s more urgent. And moving from one thing to another without finishing anything. The result is unequivocally frustration! And stress! And weariness!
How could it not be?

Byron Katie once said: “When we do the thing in front of us, everything that we are to do, everything that needs to be done is always done. Also, when we are doing the thing in front of us, doing the thing we know to do in the moment, we are one-minded, mind is not at war, split, in competition with itself, and that is where love lives. When we just do the thing in front of us, even if it’s just walking, closing the car door, picking up the socks, we are always creating a better world and life is loved without effort. No decision, no fear. That is how it works. When people say “I want”, and I watch them live differently than it takes to get what they want, I see clearly that they don’t want it, and that their mind is split, and when they believe that they want it, they are believing the opposing thoughts that are running. You will always suffer when your mind wants two opposing things at once.”

So, just choose one thing. One thing that you know is important to get you what you want. Just a single one. And focus all your attention to doing that one thing. Be fully present to it. Forget the other things you need to do. Forget the other things you should also be doing. Don’t leave it till you’ve finished it. You only have that one single thing to do in the world. Put all your heart and soul to it.
And when you’re done, feel the power of creation in you!

This might be the simplest time management system in the world, but I assure you it’s the most effective one too.

What’s the next one and only thing on your list for today?

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